Cava-Poo-Chons - The "Little Truffles"

A delightful "triple-cross" puppy, bred with Cavalier - Bichon - Poodle parents for sparkly personalities, people-loving natures, gentler energy levels and low/no shedding coats.  Teddy-bear faces!  Timshell is the founder and first to breed Cava-Poo-Chons, and three appeared on the Today Show in Nov. 2013!

Petite and XS Petite Goldendoodles - The "Doodlets"

Timshell bred Goldendoodles for years, and first downsized the Goldendoodle by infusing the Cavalier, breeding a smaller doodle size with the bonus traits: Teddy-bear faces, gentler activity/energy levels, incredibly loving and happy puppies!  This is the "Cavalier Magic".  Our puppy graced the cover of Life Magazine in 2003.

Timshell Cavachon Family Updates and Photos

CAVACHON PUPPIES HERE NOW! Two special litters! See the Puppies Here Now file above... Download this file for Family Updates and Photos for puppies from previous Cavachon litters.

6-25-19 Puppies Here Now

Puppies Here Now - Availability to Reserve - room on the waitlists. Special Note: We have two litters of CAVACHON puppies to reserve! Rare golden coats. Soft curl, sweet, teddy-bear faces!

6-25-19 Calendar of Puppies

Here is our list of puppy arrivals for 2019 and into 2020. See photos of parent dogs and see which spots are open on the reservation lists for each litter!