11-6-21 Puppy Calendar

Wonderful puppies here now, ready for new homes in December! Upcoming arrivals in January, ready for new homes in March and April 2022. Reserve your puppy now to get a great spot on the waitlist!

Elfie's XS CavaPooChons

Lila's Petite Golden CavaDoodles

Shelby's CavaPooChons

Piper's XS CavaPooChons

Cava-Poo-Chons - Timshell's Specialty Triple-Cross 

A delightful "triple-cross" puppy, bred with Cavalier - Bichon - Poodle parents for sparkly personalities, people-loving natures, gentler energy levels and low/no shedding coats.  Teddy-bear faces!  Timshell is the founder and first to breed Cava-Poo-Chons, and three appeared on the Today Show in Nov. 2013!

Petite and XS Petite Golden Cava-Doodles - 

Timshell bred Goldendoodles for years, and first downsized the Goldendoodle by infusing the Cavalier, breeding a smaller doodle size with the bonus traits: Teddy-bear faces, gentler activity/energy levels, incredibly loving and happy puppies!  This is the "Cavalier Magic".  Our puppy was chosen for the cover of Life Magazine in 2003.

Boone - a Timshell Petite Goldendoodle